Comparison of the systems of pension actuaries in Japan, US, and UK

Yoshihiro Oyama, Japan

Through the comparisons of the system of pension actuaries in Japan to those of US and UK, I found that Japanese system is not strict at Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Although CPD is not required compulsorily, many Japanese Certified Pension Actuaries (CPAs) work hard and keep abreast of developments in actuarial techniques. But to keep all CPAs’ work in high standards, I think that CPD by Japanese actuarial associations should be more promoted to every CPA. I think one of effective ways to promote more active CPD is to make public the result of CPD that each CPA has achieved if he/she has shown consent.
Date: 30 May - Time: 10:30 to 12:00 - Room: 242B
Theme: 2.A. The responsibility of the actuary