Cost of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia treatment for paediatric patients in Mexico

Cristina Gutiérrez Delgado~Angel Campos Hernández~Eduardo González Pier, Mexique

Objective: Estimate the expected cost of the variable component for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) treatment in pediatric patients. Analyze epidemiological information to quantifying financial requirements for the provision of services to these patients considering different coverage options. Materials and methods: The analysis is structured under five stages: (a) definition of a suitable medical protocol, (b) determination of a set of reimbursement products related to the protocol, (c) compilation of statistics, identification of inputs and acquisition costs, (d) construction of the expected cost for the variable component of the treatment, (e) quantification of the necessary resources to provide financial protection to ALL patients for the Mexican case in 2005. Results: The expected variable cost for the ALL treatment rises to USD$33,423 and to USD$58,601 for transplanted patients ($10.8 Mexican pesos - $1 USD). Discussion, conclusions and recommendations: Results suggest that expected cost of ALL treatment varies substantially based on four fundamental issues: the initial risk classification, the bone marrow transplantation, the presence of infectious episodes and verification of relapses. With actual resources it is possible to provide financial coverage to all pediatric patients not covered by social security.
Date: 1 June - Time: 8:30 to 10:30 - Room: 242B
Theme: 9.A. Various topics