Society of Actuaries International Experience Survey

William Horbatt, États-unis

Historically, actuaries practicing in international markets have been challenged by the lack or consistency of data available in emerging and other markets throughout the world. Without such data, it has been difficult for actuaries to price products or evaluate business performance for senior management. This paper is a report of the Society of Actuaries International Experience Survey working group detailing the SOA’s efforts to provide its members practicing internationally as well as other interested individuals with practical information to be used to easily compare experience among different countries and help assess market attractiveness. The paper also discusses a software tool and other resources developed to assist in these international experience study efforts as well as illustrate their applicability to performing an internal company or local intercompany study.
Date: 1 June - Time: 14:15 to 15:45 - Room: 341
Theme: 2.A. The responsibility of the actuary