The actuarial challenge: managing change

Wil Deelen, Nederland

In this paper I deal with new developments and their impact on the actuary’s field of work. Much is demanded of the actuary since every new development can be seen as a process of change affecting content, cooperation, changing context and working processes. At the same time, existing working practices have to be kept up to date. What is demanded, is both a different way of working and the awareness that this is indeed so. I then outline the case of a company courageous enough to join its actuaries in the quest for change. This then provides me with the basis on which, finally, to make recommendations to those wishing to embark on a similar course of action. All of this presents the actuary with a fascinating challenge.
Date: 29 May - Time: 14:30 to 16:00 - Room: 252A
Theme: 9.A. Various topics